35 Non-Profits Memphians Love (And Counting!)

First off, a warning: This post gave me all the feels. I’m lucky enough to have met many of the readers – some now friends – who contributed to this post, and they’re wonderful people. I’m proud to share this city with y’all.

This year, I’ll still publish the 2016 Charitable Giving Guide but I also wanted to take it a step further.

So, I asked I Love Memphis readers and my friends about their favorite non-profits and charities and why they, as Memphians, decided to commit to supporting those orgs.

Here are some of your answers. (Some have been edited for length or clarity.)

I love supporting Restore Corps. They are the sole nonprofit fighting human trafficking in West TN (and we’re a HUB for trafficking). They are the sole point of contact for work with victims and work directly with the FBI and local government. Many of the news stories you hear about where pimps have been busted? It’s because of them. – Shannon L.

I also love supporting Good Shepherd Health, a nonprofit pharmacy in Memphis that has completely changed the health care game. They save me personally and many others over $1000 on prescription drugs. They make medicine affordable for the uninsured, insured, AND self insured. – Shannon L.

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