Huey's employees help feed the homeless on Christmas Day.

Huey’s employees fed around 150 people at their downtown location on Sunday.

Employees from every Huey’s location volunteered to make a home cooked meal, and serve the less fortunate from 10 a.m. 2 p.m.

“About four years ago, the kitchen manager from midtown and I both got together and decided since were closed on Christmas day, there's no reason not to use the building,” Huey’s Employee Mike Garrity said. “So, we asked the owners if we could use the building, and here we are. Four years later, still feeding the homeless on Christmas day."

Garrity said every year they get more people in the door.

“The first year we struggled getting homeless people into the building because people just don’t trust,” he said. “So, we had a lot of people going in their pick-ups to go pick up people, load them in the back of the truck, and bring them down.”

The volunteers brought their families, and donated clothing to the people they feed.

“It’s a blessing,” Garrity said. “All of our kids join us as well. So, it's always a lot of fun. It’s a family affair.”

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