Carb-loading for St. Jude Marathon

Marathoners need energy and carbohydrates deliver. Lucky for runners in Saturday’s St. Jude Memphis Marathon, we have plenty of carbs in the land better known for barbecue.


And as long as we’re talking about barbecue, here’s a chance to indulge in a spectacularly unhealthy plate of spaghetti guilt-free, because, hey, you’re running a marathon, at the Bar-B-Q Shop, 1782 Madison Avenue. Other barbecue joints serve barbecue spaghetti, but no one does this only-in-Memphis dish like the Vernons. The sauce, sort of a mix of barbecue sauce and marinara, spends 12 hours in the pit with a pork shoulder in it, and it is as decadent and delicious as it sounds: Spaghetti covered in the smoky sauce, topped with plenty of pulled pork.


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