Memphis is a resilient city that has seen many challenging times in American history. Whether it was the Great Depression, civil unrest or a recession, Memphis seemed to always come back better than ever. It may seem typical for anyone from Louisiana to compare New Orleans to Memphis, but there are some things in common between the two. It’s not so much that the two cities are obviously similar just for their food or music, but just like New Orleans, Memphis is incredibly individualistic and unique. 


Memphis is known for barbecue, dry rub style to be specific, and although there’s no one answer when it comes to who is best, The Bar-B-Q Shop in Midtown is a both a favorite with innovators and traditional purists. The best seller is the sampler plate featuring brisket, pork ribs, pulled pork, and barbecue spaghetti (their invention). The spaghetti may seem odd with pulled pork over noodles, but its “Italian-meets-BBQ” tomato and vinegar style sauce may remind some familiar with Tangipahoa Parish, of the sauce in Hi-Ho Sandwiches. 


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