Best Family Restaurants in Memphis: Gather 'round These Dining Spots

Sometimes, when one thinks of family-friendly restaurants, one wants to cringe. After all, family-friendly often translates into a mediocre menu designed for the kids, not the parents. In Memphis, however, family-friendly is a good combination of words, as many of the city's best locally owned eateries welcome families.


Our list of the 10 Best restaurants for families covers every cuisine and neighborhood - and includes some of the city's best-loved eateries. Perhaps the most obviously family-friendly of all our list is Huey's, the hamburger emporium with locations all over town. Yes, there's a kid's menu at Huey's, and it's loud and festive and fast - perfect for those with toddlers. But the real reason Huey's tops our list is that it's the only place where kids (and parents) can write on the walls with Sharpies and you can shoot toothpicks through straws - in the hopes of piercing the ceiling. Yes, do look out for the occasional toothpick dropping in your food.


Barbecue joints Central and the Rendezvous are also excellent choices for families; we in Memphis believe that kids should start their barbecue education as early as possible. Southern favorites at The Cupboard and Gus's are sure bets for families, as is the Asian bistro Mosa and local cupcake emporium Muddy's, for those who join the clean plate club.



Memphis has more than its fair share of neighborhood bar and grills, and Huey's happens to be one of the best. The atmosphere is no frills and all bar, and the menu features what many locals regard as the area's tastiest burger. With locations from downtown to Collierville, the local chain really understands what it means to be a neighborhood favorite; each spot offers live music, some have patios, all offer the same excellent food - with burgers just being the start. Salads and seafood, soups and guilt-inducing snacks - there's something for everyone. Huey's is a great place to swing by and catch the game on TV too � especially if you're inclined to down a few brews and sample something delicious, like sublime onion rings. (901-726-4372, 901-726-9767)


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