Top 5 Memphis Foods to Eat for 901 Day & Any Other Day!

It is rare that I am on Twitter and see a few tweets, choose to do a series of tweets that really should be a blog post. That’s exactly what happened tonight as I saw friends talking about #901Day — since 901 is the area code for Memphis (my beloved hometown), it is a great time to celebrate my hometown. I decided to celebrate by sharing some of my Top 5 Memphis foods!


And it seems that folks may like more information that easily fits in a tweet, so let me break this down some more. Since I did a series of five tweets, I’ll talk about my top 5 Memphis foods (diets be damned!).


Huey’s Burgers


A good burger and fries or onion rings is always high on my list! I can’t remember when I first ate a burger at Huey’s, but I have lots of memories of the place and food going back to my college years at least! And some of you may remember that even Flat Stanley went to Huey’s years ago!


The burgers at Huey’s range from a standard one to lots of combinations. When I was home a few months ago, I had the Blues City burger shown here (bacon, cheese, barbecue sauce and onion straws!)


I can remember a time when there was just the one location in Midtown but also remember celebrating as other locations opened up. If you are a cleanliness freak, you may not want to look up at the ceiling….. for a long time, it has been a game to get the toothpick from your burger to stick in the ceiling tiles. If you are new to it, ask your server to get you a few extras and to give you a few tips. It’s harder than it sounds and the feeling of accomplishment is significant even if it sounds silly.


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