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In honor of National Human Trafficking Day on Wednesday, Jan. 11, Tennessee has announced a streamlined, statewide collaboration enforced by Gov. Bill Haslam’s office, local law enforcement and four regional nongovernmental organizations to fight human trafficking.

The Tennessee Anti-Slavery Alliance is meant to ensure quality protective services are provided statewide to local human trafficking victims in the most effective and efficient way possible. The effort is a direct answer to the call for a help response system for trafficking survivors, in coordination with Haslam’s Tennessee Human Trafficking Services Coordination and Delivery Plan.

The plan is also a statewide response to increased dedication to ending human trafficking in Tennessee.

The alliance consists of four nonprofits dedicated to and experienced in supporting the identification and recovery of human trafficking victims. They manage all human trafficking referrals in their designated region, while providing on-the-ground comprehensive, specialized support for victims and their families.

The groups also help law enforcement agencies in sting operations, ensuring victims receive medical and mental health support, safe housing, healing within survivor communities, substance abuse recovery, legal services, legislative support and job training, among other services.

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