Memphis Has Earned its 'Foodie Town' Reputation in Past Decade

Go to Overton Square and you can visit Restaurant Iris or Bari.

“The truth is, when I came to Memphis there was not much of a restaurant scene that I would enjoy,” said Bachmann, who operates Midtown’s Ecco restaurant and the new café in the bookstore Novel. “It has been amazing, especially lately. This year and the year before, so many restaurants opened up. And really good restaurants, too. I think Memphis is in a really great spot.”

Iris’ Kelly English, who got to Memphis 10 years ago, has also seen the changes.

“What I’ve seen that’s changed over the last 10 years is I think people really cook from their hearts more,” he said. “I think people are telling their story through their food more than they were when I first saw this town.”

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