Tequila Fest

Jon Bringle and Jessie Yelvington manned the Tijuana Sweet Heat Tequila station. “It’s got a sweet cinnamon flavor,” Bringle said. And, he added, “I prefer it over any other.” Asked how he likes to drink tequila, Bringle said, “I like to take it as a shot with an orange behind it.” “Nothing with too much bite,” said Brett Wright. “I’m not too picky.” Taylor Tournabene liks his “smooth” and “chilled.”

And Lee Olswanger said, “I drink Patrone straight. Really chilled. Really cold. No ice. It’s beautiful right there. Starts your night right. And ends it well.”

In addition to the tequila, the festival featured Day of the Dead face painters, screen printers printing of free T-shirts and a balloon hat maker. The Flyer’s next Tequila Fest is slated for Aug. 24, 2018.

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