Trying Robata Ramen & Yakitori Bar

We decided to sit inside to have some cool air but upon leaving, we realized we could’ve totally sat outside. Even though we’ve been here since June, the Memphis heat still has Kristina and I in fear of inevitable sweat and misery. Maybe next summer I’ll master eating hot bowls of food on steamy Memphis nights like Memphians do.

Inside, it was laidback and relaxed, much appreciated after a long day. Kristina and I ordered our bowls of ramen and were a nice weeknight treat for us. Even though they have pork in what looked like most of their ramen, they were able to substitute it out for me which was sweet! Check out Robata if you feel like coming down to Overton Square but for a more relaxed vibe, at least on that weeknight we popped in. I’ll be checking them out on the weekends too when they have discounted ramen bowls after 10pm.

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