2017 Liberty Bowl Quick Guide to Memphis

Where To Stay
If it were me, I’d stay in a hotel downtown or snag an Airbnb in the midtown area (Cooper Young, Overton Square, Liberty Bowl area). There are also plenty of hotels in East Memphis.

Five Things You Must Do In Memphis
Locals love Central BBQ (pork sandwich, ribs, mac n cheese), Cozy Corner (game hen, ribs), Tops (pork sandwich or burger w/ pork), Payne’s (ribs, sandwich), Bar-B-Que Shop (sandwich on Texas toast, bbq spaghetti), One and Only (ribs, potato salads), among many others.

If you want to party and enjoy some live music off of Beale Street, check out a few of the local watering holes and music bars.
– Lafayette’s: spacious music room in Overton Square entertainment district

OK, if you need more food recs beyond BBQ, here ya go. Read up on any of the places that sound interesting to you, the breakfast spots especially tend to get crowded.

– Muddy’s Bake Shop

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