Weather + Wine = a complicated relationship

Meteorology and climate plays an unbelievably important role in your wine!

I talked with Rick Farwell with Pyramid Wine and Spirits about how weather plays a role in the production of the grapes and how the Mid-South fits into the grape-growing picture.

We also talked about celebrating wine… along with food, music and more at Vintage901, an intimate 3-day event coming up March 10-12 here in Memphis.

Wine has so much to do with the weather and climate where the grapes are grown and harvested. There are warm-climate wine regions and cool-climate wine regions. Both will give you something different. Warm climate regions include California, Argentina and Spain. Cool-climate regions include France, New York and Austria. So what’s the difference?

Warm regions typically have more consistent temperatures. This will yield grapes with less acidity and more fruity flavors. If this is what your palette desires, pay attention to not just the brand but the region from which your wine comes from. Cooler regions will yield more tart flavors along with more acidity.

So what about the Mid-South? We do have some wineries here that produce some outstanding pours. The best of these though are the sweet wines. Why? It’s all about our climate. See, oftentimes we see a surge of moisture from the Gulf of Mexico with our storm systems. These produce heavy rainfall, which makes it difficult to grow grapes for an extended period of time. An early and often harvest will produce a sweeter wine- often seen in the Muscadines and Rieslings.

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