MEMPHIS LOVE: Top Places to Eat & Drink

Over the past decade, I’ve taken two week road trips to explore BBQ and music throughout the South (Nashville through eastern Tennessee, North and South Carolina, Georgia) as well as another two weeks across Texas, particularly Hill Country.

This Christmas, The Renaissance Man and I road-tripped through Oklahoma, Arkansas & Mississippi, ending in Memphis. Memphis brings my BBQ research full circle with its own style: it’s famed ribs and dishes I’ve been craving ever since and can’t get elsewhere.

The warmest welcome and my overall favorite was The Bar-B-Q Shop. From a killer, savory-sweet BBQ sauce to meaty ribs (try half dry/half wet to get the best of both), it’s all pure Memphis. But it’s the barbecue spaghetti I keep dreaming about: spaghetti noodles laden with tender pulled pork, BBQ sauce and liquid smoke, scooped up with Texas toast. It’s like a childhood dream come true.

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