“Memphis Creeps Into Your Soul”

Memphis breathes space, music and relaxation. Throw in great food, friendly folks and heaps of history and you’ve got a place worth lingering for. And that’s what I did, for about ten days. It felt good not having to pack up again after two or three nights. I guess I just needed to stay put somewhere for a while.

Eric and I met in the front bar of Loflin Yard on Carolina Street. We talked about his restaurant The Bar-B-Q Shop and why it’s hard to walk away from Memphis.

It was also in Memphis that I first prioritized writing over road tripping. A response on Reddit had pointed me in the direction of ‘Things to do in Memphis’-blogger Stacey Greenberg. I met Stacey the very first day for drinks at The Cove in Midtown. She proved to be an invaluable source of information, suggesting numerous locals I could approach for interviews. First among them was Eric Vernon, co-owner of one of the most popular barbecue restaurants in town: The Bar-B-Q Shop on Madison Avenue.

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