Barbecue Spaghetti, The Memphis Specialty You Need To Try

The Vernon family has been operating the Bar B Q Shop in Memphis since 1983, and closely guarding its secret BBQ sauce recipe for even longer. You’ll definitely want to slather that sauce all over the restaurant’s ultra-tender ribs, a longtime menu mainstay.

The other signature offering of the restaurant is one that you probably haven’t seen before — barbecued spaghetti, a dish that was allegedly invented at the restaurant and is now a Memphis staple. It’s exactly what it sounds like: spaghetti, tomato sauce, and a whole lot of BBQ pulled pork. You’ll never want to go back to bolognese again.

For those looking to have the true Memphis experience, the ultimate order is to get a dinner plate — which comes with a heaping plate of BBQ, beans, slaw, and Texas Toast, buttered and thickly sliced. Make a generously-filled BBQ sandwich out of the Texas Toast, then order a side of barbecue spaghetti — why not? It’s only $3.95. 

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