Golden India, Overton Square and the Loeb trademark

If approved, the new Golden India location would be about a three-minute walk from its current home at 2097 Madison Ave. It's a small move geographically, but it's one that would take them outside the Overton Square parameters.

This week’s MBJ cover article, “Defining the shape of the Square,” looks at the federal trademarks for “Overton Square” and “Overton Square Memphis” granted by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and registered to Loeb Realty Co. Inc.

Brothers Louis and Robert Loeb of Loeb Properties purchased the Overton Square development in 2012 — long after the Square’s 1970s boom had fizzled and the property was all but abandoned.

Loeb Properties has since revitalized the retail/restaurant haven, and, with the “Overton Square” trademark in hand, it can protect its brand where it deems appropriate — regardless of geographic boundaries.

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