The 9:01: Drake in Memphis, Bar Louie's Exit, Mixed Emotions at FedExForum

I don't wish ill for any local businesses, but I guess I can't drum up much concern for non-local chains, even franchised ones. So the news that Bar Louie is on the Overton Square chopping block is more a cause for what-will-come-next intrigue than lament. I long yearned for a two-story bookstore/coffeeshop/cafe in that prime location, but those days are obviously gone. I do think the Square could use more in-between spaces. Places to linger in the time between dinner and a movie or show. Loeb says it wants fine dining there. Here's hoping for something interesting, whatever comes. And it seems like this won't be an isolated change at Overton Square.

Speaking of which, Lafayette's Music Room (and restaurant) is expanding

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