New Name, Other Changes on Tap for Nikki's Hot Products

Part of what the maker of what were once known as Nikki’s Hot Ass Chips has in the works for 2018 is another small, but important change to her products’ packaging. It’s gone from a certain word displayed prominently on the cover – with Schroeder’s familiar image, mouth agape – to something a little more subtle.

To help get the products onto more stores shelves, the branding added two asterisks, to become Nikki’s Hot A** products. The line is now in the final stage of another tweak, to simply Nikki’s Hot Products.

Packaging for her seasoning, Bloody Mary mix and 7-ounce chips has already been switched to that new moniker. Her 1.5-ounce chips have not yet been given the new labeling.

Her product line includes the chips, Bloody Mary mix, seasoning and nuts, and the brand has been a familiar sight on store shelves around Memphis, in part for the distinctive packaging. Concerns over the branding have cropped up here and there in the past as expansion has been pursued, something the founder is keen to see ramp up this year.

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