New Pharmaceutical Repository one of the New Laws in Effect Jan. 1

It authorizes the board of pharmacy, in cooperation with the department of health, to establish and enforce a voluntary prescription drug donation repository program under which any person may donate prescription drugs and supplies for use by an organization that meets criteria specified by the board of pharmacy.

“This does not include controlled substances,” Sexton said.

Sexton had been looking at this idea before and said it was pushed along even further when a Memphis pharmacist contacted him about it.

“He (the pharmacist) was seeing a lot of pharmaceutical waste in nursing homes,” Sexton said. 

“He reached out to me and spoke to me about the issue.”

Every year, nursing homes nationwide flush, burn or throw out tons of valuable prescription drugs. 

Iowa’s program, the program that Tennessee is modeling, collects them and gives them to needy patients at a reduced fee or for free.

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