Sippin' Local: Memphis Area Coffee Shops

Muddy’s Coffee & Bake Shop– two locations:

5101 Sanderlin #114, East Memphis, TN 38117

585 Cooper St, Memphis, TN 38104

A local spot with a conscious! They use cage-free/free range eggs and organic milk, and recycle, compost, and refuse to use styrofoam. They don’tcharge for coffee refills and never accept tips; instead, all the change in their “refill our community with positive change” jar goes to a different local non-profit each month and employees can volunteer in the community up to 6 hours a month– on the clock, paid. Like they say, they “serve the greater good… like a super-hero.” Plus, you know, their cupcakes are amazing. (Also, check out their pimento cheese; best in the city!)

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