Memphis College of Arts is Closing to Students, Opening its Classes to Creative Entrepreneurs

The Positively Creative Summit, hosted by the college on September 8, kicked off the new series and served as an introduction to the types of programming that will available in the fall and next spring.

The fall programming of the Positively Creative series will feature three workshops, each taught by a Memphis-based professional.

“Kat Gordon will have a visioning workshop. It’s almost like storytelling. You take a very detailed vision of a day in the life two years out, five years out, and so on. You tell a very detailed story about what that looks like for your business,” said Palazola.

Gordon is the owner of Muddy’s Bake Shop, which has locations in Cooper-Young and East Memphis. The intent of the workshop is to help entrepreneurs develop a long-term approach and outlook when short-term obstacles distract from the goals. There will be three sessions that help participants write their vision, including redrafts, planning and next steps. The first session is October 27 from 10 a.m. to noon at MCA.

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