The 7 Very Best Places In Tennessee To Get Pumpkin Pie

If you’re looking for a pie outside of your Grandma’s kitchen, it’s always a bit of a struggle. How can anyone replace those butter-laden childhood memories, spiced with cinnamon and fresh pumpkin puree? The annoying reality is that we can’t, but here in Tennessee we’re going to try our hardest to give you an experience that’s well worth a foray into the modern world of southern pie making. These five spots are delicious additions to the pastry landscape of the south, and we have a feeling you just might fall in love.

7. City Cafe - Chattanooga

City Cafe Diner - Facebook

City Cafe Diner in downtown Chattanooga has been a facet of local fare for years, and it's one of the best spots to visit for a hefty order of diner fare. Come Thanksgiving time, you can indulge in a slice of pumpkin pie alongside your favorite holiday eats. (901 Carter Street)

6. Triple Crown Bakery - Franklin

Triple Crown Bakery - Official Website

We're HUGE fans of Triple Crown Bakery over here (see here and here), but the holiday season is where this small town bakery really shines. Pumpkin pie is available as a custom order as well as closer to the Thanksgiving holiday, but you're recommended to call and reserve one early. They go fast! (735 Columbia Avenue)

5. Buttermilk Sky Pie Shop - Various Locations

Buttermilk Sky Pie Shop - Facebook

Buttermilk Sky Pie Shop is a southern tradition, with multiple locations all over the American south. When it comes to being a "pie chain", though, here quality comes far and above quantity. Their pumpkin pies are perfectly creamy and decadent, a wonderful addition to any holiday menu.

4. Dozen Bakery - Nashville

Dozen Bakery - Facebook

Nashville's Dozen Bakery has long been the unsung hero of coffee shops all over the city. If you've indulged in a croissant or blueberry muffin at the coffee shop by your house, you've most likely indulged in a Dozen Bakery creation. Come Thanksgiving time, their pumpkin pies are offered in droves and go just as fast as they can spin them out. We'd highly recommend snagging one for the folks that are joining you for the holiday this year. (516 Hagan St #103)

3. The Pie Folks - Cordova

The Pie Folks - Facebook

If you're looking for specialty pies in the Memphis area, look no more! Not only is this sweet spot a wonderful place to stop in and chew the fat, but the locals rave about the wonderful service, prices, and the truly decadent pies offered on a daily basis. (1028 N Germantown Parkway)

2. All Things Pie and More - Newbern

All Things Pie and More - Facebook

The new space located on Newbern's Main Street offers all sorts of delicious pies, as well as pumpkin around the holiday season. The fried pies are also considered some of the best in the state if you're looking to switch up your holiday table. (116 E Main Street)

1. Muddy's Bake Shop - Memphis

Muddy's Bake Shop - Facebook

The classic Memphis bake shop, Muddy's, serves sweet treats in a quaint, down-home atmosphere. Although it's hard to write singularly about their pie, it's truly to die for - alongside their cookies and cupcakes and all sorts of coffee treats! (5101 Sanderlin Ave #114)

You can indulge even more at this restaurant located in a converted warehouse – it’s pretty incredible!

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