The Q Standard

However, risking sounding hypocritical, there are timeless truths that transcend technology, there are things that should not change, that should, in fact, be given the ultimate old fart endorsement heard at those lunch tables: “It was good enough then. It’s good enough now.”

The barbecue sandwich is one of those things.

There once was a magical place on South Parkway called Brady and Lil’s. Their sandwich was served on marshmallow bread … think Wonder Bread. You couldn’t pick it up. You wore some of that sandwich home on your shirt. It was wonderful. Their recipe survived and now thrives at the Bar-B-Q Shop. They serve it on grilled, butter-slathered slabs called Texas toast. They should be arrested.

Bread is simply a holding device for a barbecue sandwich. If the bread competes with the barbecue for attention, there’s either something wrong with the barbecue or the people serving it.

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