Explore Bike Share and Revolutions Bicycle CoOp Collaborate to Offer Free Bike Safety Classes

Three classes will be offered: Bike Sharing 101, Commuting 101, and How to Ride in the Street. Each class has its own specific focus, but they all share the same goal of encouraging and empowering people to bike, and to hopefully “elevate bicycling as a legitimate form of public transportation.”

We interviewed Sylvia Crum from Revolutions Bicycle Cooperative to ask a few questions about Bike Share and how these classes can help anyone feel confident enough to ride the streets.

Sylvia Crum: Bike Share allows people who ride to ride more. And for those who are intimidated, it offers an easy way to try out riding. At Revolutions Bicycle Cooperative, we know that there are lots of barriers that keep people from trying out bicycles. One is our weather. To ride to work on a bicycle, for a lot of the year, can be a sweaty pursuit. For folks who work in an office, this just isn’t feasible. But Bike Share offers a chance to ride a bicycle at lunchtime, or to a meeting, or some other short journey. Another barrier is not having a bicycle in good working condition. But Bike Share takes away that worry. With a fleet of 600 new and constantly maintained bicycles, there’s no need to worry about whether you have air in your tires, or if your chain is rusty. Just hop on and go!

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