Giving Back: Restore Corps

Restore Corps began in 2013 as an anti-trafficking team of Operation Broken Silence, a Memphis organization that focuses on genocide in Sudan. The two organizations eventually separated so that Restore Corps could sharpen its focus on empowering survivors of human trafficking. One way it does that is through a push for legislative change. Tennessee now is considered top in the U.S. for its counter-trafficking law that provides better provisions for victims and stricter penalties for traffickers. A program of Memphis Leadership Foundation, Restore Corps serves as the point of contact in West Tennessee for the state-wide anti-trafficking task force.

Restore Corps receives referrals from a variety of organizations, primarily law enforcement, the judicial system, juvenile court or probation officers. A trafficker might use a juvenile for a petty crime. “Often with a juvenile if the trafficker gets pulled over he’ll hand the juvenile the drugs,” Rachel said. “They say, ‘If you really love me you’ll say all of this is yours.’ The trafficker gets off and the juvenile takes the charge.”

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