The Road to Great Memphis BBQ

Dejected, I knew what had to be done. I hadn’t planned on going to any other barbecue places, but the best ribs in Memphis were just a few minutes away at the The Bar-B-Q Shop. I got a table and ordered the Boss Slab plate. A rack of ribs and two sides. “Dry, wet or glazed?” the waitress asked. The only correct answer is dry. These ribs don’t need sauce of any kind. I could go on and on about these ribs, but I’ll start with the flavor. The meat is succulent. There’s a nice crust on the outside of the ribs, while the interior remains juicy and tender. And then there’s the rub. It’s not like every other rub out there. Paprika is the first thing that hits your taste buds, but then there’s a salty, peppery, garlic finish that just adds to the already fantastic flavor of the meat. Some might argue the meat pulls away from the bone too easily, but that’s for bbq contests. When the meat is this good, I don’t really care because that just means it’s easier to get it in my mouth in a timely fashion.

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