Your Next Adventure Starts Here: Memphis Outdoor Outfitters

Revolutions was founded back in 2002 in the basement of First Congregational Church in Cooper Young, where it remains headquartered. Its mission is to build a more inclusive community by getting people out on bicycles, helping to create a healthier, more connected, and more livable city. The organization repairs, rents, and sells bikes, as well as offering a variety of classes and programming to the public. This month, check their calendar to catch one of their Bike Share 101 or Commute 101 classes, or stop by on a Sunday afternoon during their open shop hours to get help with your own bike repairs.

  • C901: What’s your favorite product that you carry?
  • Doug DuBose, Head Mechanic: With what we have in the store, I would have to say my favorite bike would probably be the Raleigh Technium. They’re just a great piece of equipment. If you ask Sylvia though [Revolutions’ Executive Director], she’s probably say her favorite piece is a cargo bike.
  • C901: What’s your favorite outdoor activity in the Memphis area?
  • DB: I like the greenline a lot because I commute every day. I ride on the roads and deal with traffic, and I know how to do that, but I love being able to ride the greenline and go stress free. I can ride fifty miles on the greenline and just not worry. There really is a big difference between riding in traffic and riding sans traffic.

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