Cover Story: Crosstown Concourse's Underground Economy (Part 2)

What do you do? I [work] for Memphis’ small businesses and non-profit organizations. In my informal lingo, I say, “I rep Memphis and the people who make it great.”

How long have you been working out of Crosstown? I started working from Crosstown soon after their grand opening. I pop in frequently to utilize their various spaces.

Why? First, it helps get the creative juices flowing. You can feel the energy of the space just by walking into it.

Getting outside of my office and somewhere different, filled with a diverse group of people from all backgrounds and walks of life, helps me see projects in a new light.

If I ever need a break from the computer, I can easily take a walk around the complex to see and experience something different.

Crosstown is inspirational to my work. I focus on working with clients who are making a positive impact in our Memphis community. What space in our city has more of this under one roof?

There are tons of people and organizations working hard every day to better our community at Crosstown Concourse, and seeing their work keeps me focused on the bigger picture of promoting the good in our city as a whole.

Third, Crosstown has so much to offer remote workers.

French Truck coffee keeps my energy going. The restaurant scene keeps me fed. Services like FedEx Office are efficient to have nearby. Church Health and YMCA inspire me to move. 

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