Funky and Frightful Immersive Experience Lurks at Evergreen Theatre

Find yourself lost in a mysteriously eerie, and decidedly more dangerous, world during The Parting at Evergreen Theatre this October. Local production company Lost in Found brought a two-week sold out Rites of Spring at Ashlar Hall immersive production to Memphis this past April, and now they'll transport audiences into a Halloween-themed ominous performance experience this fall.

Visitors of The Parting are invited on an unusual and creepy encounter with the macabre and menacing inhabitants of the Evergreen Theatre. Audiences are invited to cross the threshold into this paranormal pop-up, which will put each human right in the path of danger. Supernatural guides will escort attendees throughout Evergreen Theatre, where each room will tell a different tale in the overall storyline.

The Parting incorporates full-scale art installations and the creative use of light, sound, technology and performance to transport its audiences to another realm throughout the entire venue during this multi-faceted performance.

During The Parting, audiences will be transported into a storyline involving history and superstitions of Evergreen Theatre, and the wicked that lurks below it. The plotline begins when the New Madrid earthquakes of 1811 occurred, and a mysterious sinkhole appeared at 1705 Poplar Avenue in Memphis. Reports of apparitions and strange creatures lurking in the area pre-date any human structure. The Ritz Theatre that was built over the sinkhole in 1927 brought the escape of the movies, but the glitz and glamour would quickly turn sinister. Experience the theatre in its different developments throughout the last century and be prepared for the culminating phenomenon at the end.

During Rites of Spring at Ashlar Hall, audiences relished in prancing fairies pouring wine directly into their mouths. At The Parting, guests will encounter human-like creatures of a more chilling nature.

Before and after the journey through the disturbances of the theatre, guests are encouraged to enjoy the funky Halloween bar all night long, complete with adult beverages and nightly live entertainment. The Parting is appropriate for ages 16+. Must be 21+ to drink. Space is limited, so advanced ticket purchase is highly suggested.

Inspired by the work of MeowWolf and PunchDrunk International, Lost in Found aims to utilize multiple art forms to take you on unique journeys to alternate realities in extraordinary spaces. Dedicated to the abandonment of the ordinary world, they focus on inviting audiences to surrender to immersive performances by way of found portals in the 901.

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