Creating More Than Bike Lanes

Carpenter Art Garden Bike Shop brings the residents of Binghampton a biking program that offers more than just two wheels. Founded a little over 2 years ago, The Carpenter Art Garden received a grant from the Plough Foundation to purchase and renovate a Binghampton home. That home is now Carpenter Art Garden Bike Shop. Located at 296 Carpenter Street, Carpenter Art Garden Bike shop is teaming up with Pedaltown Bicycle Company to kick their program into full gear by adopting a bicycle trade-in feature.
“It was started because of demand. Following the story of Donte and his new bicycle, which was purchased from selling the Grizz Hearts you see throughout Memphis, we started to get feedback from the neighborhood. Bikes are simple. They are a teaching tool, they are tools that involve learning together, and it’s a tool that once completed can transport you. The bicycle serves as a symbol NOT to get residents out (or ride away) of Binghampton, but a symbol to bring them together and showcase the talent in Binghampton,” explains Clark Butcher, owner of Pedaltown Bicycle Company and board member of Carpenter Art Garden.

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