Marketing Strategy


Social Media


Public Relations


Web Maintenance








Having a customized plan on how to grow your business through marketing allows you to target and understand your audience, tap into new markets and craft your message to bring in customers.


An active social media strategy tells your story, keeps your brand in the front of your customer's mind, connects you to your community and puts your message in your hands.


A strategic PR campaign builds your brand in the community, boosts your credibility, creates positivity about your business and gets you in front of a different audience than one you can build on your own.


Consistently updating content on your website builds a resource where customers can find information about your business, keeps your customers up-to-date with news and helps land you higher in Google searches. 


One-on-one sessions provide you the knowledge on how to apply social media and public relations to your business and equip you to take action into your own hands.


Tailored presentations provide increased knowledge and tangible, actionable steps on how your group can use social media or public relations to increase results.


One-on-one training courses provide hands-on experience and training in social media and public relations, plus knowledge on how to apply it to your business.


Need help with something not listed above? Just let me know! I often work with a network of other contractors and small businesses in Memphis, who specialize in everything from branding to photography and beyond. There's enough awesome talent here in Memphis to ensure your business gets all the services it needs.